Nature is our inspiration

Pure Arctic Oil is a full spectrum omega-3 product from arctic wild fish with cold-pressed organic olive oil and vitamin D3. The oil is 100% natural and originates from traceable and sustainable fishing in pure Arctic waters. It tastes extra good thanks to the natural fresh lemon and orange flavour.

Good for your heart

Good for your vision

Good for your blood

Good for your brain

Good for your immune system

Good for your muscle function



Eqology Pure Arctic Oil For Kids is made and designed for children, with nutrients children and youth require. At this vulnerable age, it is especially important to choose high-quality Omega-3 oil with a low content of unwanted substances such as heavy metals and environmental toxins, as the child’s liver function is not fully developed. Eqology Pure Arctic Oil For Kids is a Full Spectrum omega-3 product, which contains natural and essential omega-3 fatty acids, rich in EPA and DHA from fresh Norwegian fish. It tastes extra good for kids thanks to the natural flavour of forest berries.


Marine Stewardship Council confirms the highest quality of our omega-3 oil. You are 100% guaranteed that fish used for the production of EQ Pure Arctic Oil comes only from legal and reliable sources.